How I Got Started, and Why?

Greetings everyone! My name is Frank – and as you can tell by my website… You guessed it, you know that I am completely obsessed with creating colorful, healthy, and super tasty food bowls.

I truly believe that food brings people together and creates loving/positive energy; which in return, manifests itself into a beautiful community. I feel inspired and motivated to take this passion of mine as far as I can – while also being able to help people along the way, even if it’s only one person, the satisfaction will complete me and push me to keep going.

Anyways back how this all began… Once upon a time, in land not far far away… Jk this isn’t a cinderella story (wow should I leave this in here? sure)… Ok now seriously, lets rewind time 4 years back, just after I graduated college in 2018, I flew back home from Kansas City with a clean slate to start the beginning of a new life and pave my roads to become the man I wanted to be… hah, this is getting poetic. But I dig it!

So here I am, making food at home and throwing anything I could find into a bowl… I have an insanely large appetite… But before you start using your creative minds and start assume, let me make it clear that everything in my kitchen ever since a very young age, has been wholesome, non-toxic, and mostly organic. Thanks Mom! – Long story short, I wasn’t throwing frozen burritos into a bowl with french fries on the side and pop-tarts for dessert. No no no – I was throwing healthy stuff into a bowl and then devouring it like there’s no tomorrow!

As time went on, I became more fond of making these healthy bowls (presentations were awful back then), then this whole pandemic & lockdown happened back in mid-march 2020 – that’s when everything changed… Everything.

Most of my friends ask me: “Frank, wow, you’ve changed, like you’ve transformed yourself”… Then I ask myself, “Dang did I really? Nahhhhhh”…

Now you must be wondering.. did I change? Did I evolve??…. sorry to break it to you, but I feel the same! Just more driven towards my goals.. Ohhh wait a sec, something did change! I’ve added some pretty cool dance moves to my skills belt recently..

Ok but seriously – Yes, I did change, all for the best… mostly on the physical side of things. I started eating like this every single day… I’m a firm believer that our body is a machine that is capable of adapting to the habits you treat it with! So I took initiative and started working with the machine body of mine, and used discipline to unlock all of the cool software updates and features that my body went through. Wow I’m such a nerd.

The pandemic changed me for the best. I was lucky enough not to catch covid, so I stayed home all day and allowed myself to create new hobbies & passions… Until they manifested and began to present themselves to me. That’s when I started making food videos to present to the world (YouTube, IG, TikTok, now this website).

What Inspires Me?

Personally, I have a strong artistic side of me that is always looking for an outlet to release all of the creative juices bundling up inside. Sharing this artistic side with the world is something that I just need to do – for my own well-being. So yes… each meal I make, each garnish I add as the finishing touch – it’s the creative side in me that you’re witnessing. These meals are never planned, but improvised each and every time, and each and every day.

Now that we’ve got that out of they… I think there is a deeper meaning behind why I eat the way I do… I truly believe that eating this way will only shape and evolve my state of mind, physical body, and spirit – to be able to do the things I love every day and will guide me towards excellence in all aspects of my life. I want to have infinite amounts of energy, I want to feel empowered and strong, I want to be able to dance all night, and most importantly, I want to evolve and become the best version of myself – and when it comes to eating healthy, it all starts with one meal at a time.

Kudos to you if you made far enough to read this, you’re a real one!

Thank you so much for being here! I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

Warm regards,